Baume & Mercier


Baume & Mercier’s history started in 1830 when the Baume brothers opened their watch store in Les Bois, a village in the Swiss area of Jura.

The company quickly expanded and earned a solid reputation by creating exceptional models with movements loaded with avant-garde innovations. The brothers are supposed to have made the statement: “Accept nothing but perfection – we will only produce watches of the utmost quality.” The watches were beautiful precision instruments and won several competitions. Since then, the brand has had its ups and downs and in 1988 it was taken over by the Richemont Group. B&M have straightened up their collection and aim for the higher levels of watchmaking. At SIHH they showed a movement with an extra complication besides “only” chronograph.

Clifton Retrograde with date.

Clifton Retrograde with date.

The Clifton Retrograde is a watch with a classic design. Alex Peraldi, head of the Baume & Mercier design studio, doesn’t mind admitting that there is nothing as complicated as designing a “simple watch”. The trick is in finding the perfect balance for the different functions on the face.

The steel case measures 43 mm and contains a self-winding mechanical movement that is visible through the sapphire glass in the back of the case. This particular design has been inspired by a 1950 model that is now part of the Baume & Mercier museum collection.