Calibre de Cartier Divers Watch.

A watch with a powerful and athletic design, with the in-house movement Calibre de Cartier.

The watch naturally has the Roman ”Cartier numerals” on the face, where the XII is oversized. The designers and watchmakers have been able to combine the elegant style for which the brand is famous with the technology necessary to create a proper diver’s watch. This is Cartier’s first underwater watch ever, which of course makes whole new demands for production and testing. The watch’s resistance to saltwater has been tested by submerging it in a sodium chloride solution (30 g/l) at 18 to 25 degrees Centigrade for 24 hours, which it handled just fine. It has also passed tests 30 centimeters below water for 50 hours at the same temperatures, according to Cartier’s staff.

Roger Van Raas.

Roger Van Raas.

The model is waterproof to 300 meters and fulfills the demands on any manufacturer who wants to engrave the back with the words: “Diver’s Watch 300 m”. Superluminova makes the index easy to read underwater.

The design is as always important to Cartier and the thickness and shape of the case have been developed with great care. This is a real “diver” with an 11 mm thick case with both polished and satin surfaces. The diameter is 42 mm. The model will be available with a steel or rose gold case. It goes without saying they will both come with a rubber wristband like any real diver’s watch should.