The car that so many have waited for is finally here, and the expectations are higher than the sky. Now the time has finally come and the new Volvo XC90 is ready to meet the world.
Text: Mia Litström

It’s an electric moment when Volvo turns a new leaf in their history book. The first thing that strikes me when I finally get to walk up to it is… wow, this thing is really huge, a totally different car than its predecessor. It makes me feel curious and eager to check it out, feel it, and of course drive it.

I totally cherish car manufacturers that dare to take a great leap forward, demand some space, show in a friendly but very determined way that here we are and this is what we can deliver! This is a new car, no puny little makeover, you clearly see it’s a completely new model. Even so, Volvo has stayed away from exaggerations that would mess up the harmony. It’s a difficult balancing act where Volvo has made the right decisions in my opinion. The new XC90 stands out without becoming too vulgar and pompous. It just feels so right.

027 Volvo XC90

The engines both have four cylinders, one diesel and one gasoline engine named D5 and T6 respectively. The T6 is a plug-in hybrid with four-wheel drive that delivers a massive 400 horsepower and does 0-100 in only 5,9 seconds. It’s definitely my favorite. The feeling is unusual but sweet when a massive car like this runs in silent electric mode, it’s a lovely combination.

112 Interior detail

Consumption at mixed driving is 2,5 liters per 100 km, the CO2 emissions are 59 g/km according to Volvo. The model comes with another Swedish trademark except for the little yellow and blue flag on the seat – the gear shifter made of glass at the Swedish glassworks Orrefors. A unique detail that adds luxury in a tasteful way. A soft illumination through the glass makes it even more attractive in the dark.

136 Interior detail

The interior design is completely new. It has that premium feel, and the large new display that looks like an iPad mixes well with the rest of the digital instrumentation. The screen quickly gets full of highly visible fingerprints, so a good tip would be to keep the complimentary little polishing rag within reach in your car.

The ride is quiet and comfy. There is no mistaking that the engineers have taken internal noise reduction seriously. The seats are also new and not only very comfortable but also very attractive, or should I say elegant? The cars to be sold in Sweden will have seven seats.

VOR2011-12_Credit Eric Dana-2

Volvo has managed to create their finest and most tasteful model ever. It will certainly get lots of long looks out on the open roads. Prices start at 554,000 SEK.