Famous watches

Omega’s museum in Bienne (Biel) is well worth a detour for anyone interested in watches, and especially those whose hearts beat a little extra for watches made by Omega.

By Britta Rossander


The original museum opened back in 1984, which means it’s the oldest museum in the world of watches. Today everyone working in true Haute Horlogerie have their own museums – showing your heritage has spread like wildfire in Switzerland to the delight of all watch aficionados.


At the museum is Louis Brandt’s original workbench, the man who Omega sees as their founder from 1848. The counters are filled with historical watches, timekeeping history, professional diver’s watches and James Bond watches.

Plenty of Omega watches worn by all sorts of prominent people are on display. It goes without saying that the astronaut watch Speedmaster and its duties at NASA is the centerpiece. Omega’s and NASA’s common history gets plenty of the spotlight. New theories about how the watch was chosen for the space explorers still keep popping up. With a guided tour of the museum you will have an unforgettable experience of this subject.


OMEGA Museum_05

Omega’s museum is open Monday to Friday ​​10-18, Saturday 11-17. The entry is free and the guides speak English, French and German. More information: Omegamuseum.com.