On the road

Bentley GT V8 S is a beautiful and powerful coupe that makes the 0-100 km/h 
in only 4.5 seconds.

n extremely sophisticated automobile with a combination of brute force and quick handling that makes your hair stand on end with joy – that’s the way with Bentley! Their cars aren’t only “sharp” in their impression design-wise, but also radiate a regal luxury and elegance. Start it up and you’ll get weak in your knees from the engine’s singing, bubbling, mighty sound.

By Mia Litström

This is a real whopper of a vehicle with a total weight of 2,3 tons. But in spite of the weight, you’ll be surprised at its agile maneuverability. Tight and precise in its character when you start pushing it – but a soft and smooth cruiser all the same. The delightful exhaust note is best enjoyed by standing behind the car when it’s running. Check out those tastefully designed figure-eight exhaust pipes and let the powerful rumble pulse through your body.


Several design details of the car telling you that it's a GT V8 S.
Several design details of the car telling you that it’s a GT V8 S.

All their models have great interiors, perfectly crafted. Every seam is a sight for sore eyes and you will find nothing but perfect and beautiful craftsmanship. No efforts have been spared and the materials are only
the best leather, laminated wood, carbon fiber and aluminum. All the laminated wood has been hardened for 72 hours and then treated with five layers of clear coat. The interior is topped off with a Breitling clock in the middle of the dashboard. The cooperation has not only resulted in sophisticated clocks for the cars, but also exquisite watches. The collaboration is named ”Breitling för Bentley” and the latest model, the Bentley GMT Light Body B04, comes equipped with Breitling’s own chronograph caliber.

Bentley has teamed up with Vertu developed a smartphone in limited edition.

The Bentley’s V8 gasoline engine has a 4,0 liter displacement, 528 horsepower at 6,000 r/min and a massive torque of 680 Nm at 1,700 r/min. The all wheel drive makes it a car you can drive all year round. Acceleration 0-100 km/h is a lightning quick 4,5 seconds and top speed is 309 km/h – fascinating performance for such a heavy car. Fuel consumption is 10,7 liter/100 km, CO2 is 250 g/km. Price approximately 1,850,000 SEK.

If you want to live the Bentley spirit all the way, there are now more than one way to enjoy Bentley quality. How about an exclusive calfskin smartphone from Vertu? The Vertu for Bentley phone is made in a limited series of 2,000 at prices starting at 12,500 euros. Those who want to take it another step further can now bring the car’s interior atmosphere into their homes. The beautiful Bentley Home Collection was presented at the Milan furniture show in cooperation with the Luxury Living Group.

Bentley GMT Light Body B04 with Breitling’s own chronograph caliber. The titanium case measures 49 mm in diameter and the watch is waterproof to 100 meters. Wristband of rubber.