Prestigious anniversary

260 years have passed since Vacheron Constantin started their production. The anniversary is celebrated with the Harmony collection, with handsomely pillow-shaped cases.

Text: Britta Rossander


All the models in the serie will be produced in limited numbers. The pillow shape in inspired by the shape of the company’s first chronograph cases from 1928.


Vacheron Constantin’s anniversary series have new calibers, new functions and reaches out to a female audience. The ladies’ chronograph is manually winded which is unusual. The gentlemen in the watch business tends to believe that automatics is the only alternative to quartz movements for women. According to the general view, the risk of cracking a delicately manicured fingernail would be too great with a manual movement. But this time Vacheron Constantin have uncompromisingly kept the manual winding. With its diamonds, the watch is a piece of jewelry and also a timepiece with a case filled with history.