Seductively designed

Beautiful, elegant and totally unique. Rolls-Royce builds seductively luxurious cars that fascinate everybody. Their Wraith model has that extra charm, and is also their most powerful model ever.
Text: Mia Litström

Exclusively robust and extremely sizable luxury cars are what you usually connect Rolls-Royce with, imposing and regal. The interior always offers extreme luxury and pomp, with handcrafted details made out of the finest available materials.


Today’s models are the Phantom, Ghost and Wraith. The slickest and most delightful of the three is the Wraith model, that has been awarded by BBC Top Gear Magazine 2013 Car of the Year Award where it won the category with the very British title: ”Rather Splendid Motor Car of the Year”.


Durable, effective and extremely powerful are words that sum up what this automobile is all about – of course in combination with flair, extreme luxury and the most uncompromising craftsmanship you could ever find anywhere.

Maximum torque is astronomical 800 Nm and the car has 624 horsepower, incredible figures that are reflected in the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. The Wraith manages to make it in only 4,6 seconds while the top speed is 250 km/h. Remember, this is a car with a total weight of 2 360 kilos. Fascinating figures, but they make sense when you find out that there’s a whopping V12 gasoline engine up front, burbling away wonderfully under the hood. Fuel consumption and exhaust figures also give you a hint that this is one huge motor – 14 liters per 100 kilometers and 327 g/km CO2 emissions.


The car has a 2+2 seating configuration and a handmade interior. As an option you can also have wood paneling in the doors and other places.
This type of car is usually referred to as a fastback, and the doors are truly this car’s main characteristic. They are hinged at the opposite end to what we are used to. The door handle is usually located to the right of the driver’s door, here they are placed to the left which means the door opens the opposite way. It’s a well-established style known as “coach doors” which turns the complete image into something very spectacular.


The detailing and atmosphere is what makes a car like this, everything is totally well made out of the best and finest materials, with carefully planned bonuses like an umbrella in the door. It makes you realize the manufacturer really has the right feeling.


All this is topped off with an option that is unique. 1 340 fiber optic lights in the ceiling create the image of a sky filled with stars to the rear seat passengers. Just imagine the elegance and experience of traveling under the open sky at night, an exclusive detail that elevates the car to the highest pinnacles of luxury. That’s really what it’s all about – Rolls-Royce’s cars never compromise in the luxury department.