Takes two to tango


He’s wearing:
Watch Zenith Pilot in steel with El Primero movement and leather wristband, app. 8,400 USD
Suit from Tiger, app. 790 USD
Shirt from Dr Denim, app. 80 USD
Tie from Eton, app. 110 USD

She’s wearing:
Watch Marina Lady with rubber wristband and chronograph from Breguet/Nymans Ur 1851, app. 25,100 USD
Top from Mes Dames, app. 190 USD
Skirt from Minna Palmqvist made of Swedish reindeer fur, price on request
Jacket from Samsøe & Samsøe, app. 320 USD

Photographer Jonas Lundberg stylist Catherine Vaindorf


Watch Datejust in steel from Rolex
Nymans Ur 1851, app. 8,600 USD
Suit from Boss, app. 1,100 USD
Shirt from Eton, app. 220 USD
Tie from Filippa K, app. 95 USD


Watch 7134G in white gold with diamonds and two time zones from Patek Philippe/Bo Berggren Urhandel, app. 50,000 USD
Dress by Caroline Kummelstedt, app. 790 USD
Purse from Boss, app. 900 USD
Earrings private

Watch Slim Line from Frederic
Constant/Krons Ur, app. 2,700 USD
Blouse from Boss, app. 330 USD
Trousers from By Malene Birger,
app. 360 USD
Shoes from Lobra, app. 930 USD
Envelope purse Boss, app. 240 USD
Earrings private


Watch L.U.C. with diamond bezel from
Chopard/Nymans Ur 1851, app. 18,800 USD
Top from Menckel, app. 285 USD
Skirt from Nina Jarebrink, app. 80 USD
Earrings private


Watch Transocean in steel with
leather wristband from Breitling/
Bo Berggren Urhandel, app. 9,670 USD
Suit from Tiger, app. 870 USD
Shirt with pinpoint collar from Oscar Jacobsen, app. 220 USD
Tie from Gant, app. 140 USD


Watch Carerra from Tag Heuer/Krons Ur in steel with
blue face, app. 6,350 USD
Silk chiffon dress by Jennifer Blom, app. 2,630 USD
Shoes from Sand, app. 430 USD
Earrings private


Watch Speedmaster 57 in steel from Omega/
Bo Berggren, app. 10,200 USD
Jacket from Ljung, app. 430 USD, trousers, app. 200 USD
Shirt from The Shirt Factory, app. 170 USD
Bowtie from Oscar Jacobsen, app. 80 USD
Cardigan from Tiger of Sweden, app. 200 USD
Shoes from Tiger of Sweden, app. 320 USD


Watch Spitfire in steel with leather wristband from
IWC/Krons Ur, app. 14,000 USD
Shirt from Oscar Jacobsen, 220 USD
Blazer from Oscar Jacobsen/Sartorial Leisure, 580 USD
Leather briefcase from Oscar Jacobsen, app. 630 USD